Elect Carolyn Jewett

for District Court Judge


Carolyn Jewett Wins Election


A message from Carolyn: I am amazed and humbled by the incredible turnout from the voters of San Juan County. Thank you to everyone who voted, and thank you to everyone who supported my campaign over the last several months, in so many different ways. I am so excited to serve the county in this new role, and grateful for this incredible opportunity. Thank you!

Carolyn Jewett is running for election to be the next District Court Judge. The incumbent judge, Judge Stewart Andrew, is not running for re-election.

Since 2015, Carolyn has handled District Court cases as a deputy prosecutor for San Juan County. She prosecutes all criminal cases and contested infractions in District Court; additionally, she handles some felony cases in Superior Court and represents the State in other hearings as needed. Working in District Court, she has significant experience in handling all the types of misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases that make up District Court criminal filings. As a prosecutor, she has strived to hold herself to the highest ethical standards and to maintain integrity and honesty in all that she does.

Because she practices in District Court on an almost daily basis, Carolyn is well-versed in the laws and rules that apply in District Court. She has devoted her career to working in the public sector, and she is passionate about ensuring fair and equal treatment of everyone who comes in the courtroom. She believes strongly that every case matters, regardless of its size, and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect when they come before the court.

Carolyn is excited for the opportunity to serve as judge and will work hard every day to serve our community; she will not keep a private legal practice while sitting as judge, so that she can devote herself one hundred percent to the job.

The right person. The right experience. The right choice. Vote for Carolyn Jewett to be our next District Court Judge.