Elect Carolyn Jewett

for District Court Judge


Carolyn has the right experience to preside over District Court matters.

While in law school, Carolyn volunteered with the Immigrant Families Advocacy Project, a group of volunteer lawyers and law students who help victims of crime apply for a U-Visa, a first step towards getting a green card. She taught high school students basic legal education and mock trial through the Street Law Clinic. The summer after her first year of law school, she was a student intern in the King County Prosecutor’s Office in the Felony Traffic Unit, assisting in preparing materials for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault cases. The following year she worked for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in the District Court Unit, briefing and arguing motions and taking misdemeanor criminal matters to trial.

After graduating law school and passing the Washington bar exam, Carolyn was hired as the District Court prosecuting attorney for the San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in 2015. She has prosecuted all of the District Court criminal matters since that time, and has also had the opportunity to handle some felony criminal cases in Superior Court. Working in the San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Carolyn has had the benefit of learning from both her criminal and civil colleagues and has filled in on various juvenile, truancy, and civil calendars as needed.

In District Court, Carolyn has many responsibilities. Because Carolyn is the only prosecutor in District Court, she prosecutes each criminal matter from start to finish: she makes charging decisions, files charges, works with Victim Advocates to contact and interview victims and witnesses, makes plea offers and negotiates, responds to any motions filed and argues at motion hearings, prepares cases for trial and tries cases before a seven-person jury, makes sentencing recommendations, files motions to review probation violations, makes recommendations on penalties for probation violations, and briefs and argues appeals of guilty verdicts. Additionally, she argues contested infractions for the county.